What is Green Mavro Global Community?

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This is a community of ordinary people, selflessly helping each other, a kind of the Global Fund of mutual aid. This is the sprout of something new in modern soulless and ruthless world of greed and hard cash. The goal here is not the money. The goal is to destroy the world's unjust financial system. Financial Apocalypse! Before you join, be sure to be acquainted with our ideology!

Green mavro is a community of helpers setup by MMM participants. Our aim is to actualize the dreams of Sergei Mavrodi and our community is built on blueprints of his tenets. We have taken time to discuss and analyze the shortcomings of MMM and we have put in measures to curb most of its flaws. All guiders are invited to join us in growing this new community in loving memory our great leader and founder of MMM Sergei Mavrodi. As you join us, feel free to ask questions.

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